Welcome to Reflections Homeopathy

We are here to offer you holistic healthcare and wellbeing with a natural, personalised approach to treatment and support.

As someone who has been connected with homeopathy for many years, Mel offers a reassuring, supportive service to her clients in a caring, calm and nurturing environment.  The relationship between client and practitioner is very important to her.  She enjoys working with those who are seeking a more natural approach to healthcare and are ready to go on a journey to better health and wellbeing with support.

Homeopathic treatment can help with a vast array of health conditions.  Mel particularly enjoys working with women's health issues, children and families, grief/bereavement, and mental health support.

Clinics are based in North Wales and Chester offering face to face consultations, together with remote clinics which are available via Zoom/video link meaning geographical location is not an obstacle to treatment.

Now offering a FREE 30 minute introductory phone call.

To book your introductory call, please contact mel@reflectionshomeopathy.co.uk