All consultations are strictly private and confidential, and it is important that they are conducted in a quiet, safe space where you are given time to discuss your health and emotional wellbeing freely and openly in a relaxed atmosphere. As homeopaths we are trained to be unprejudiced observers and carry no judgement about anything that you wish to discuss. We follow safeguarding guidelines for both client and practitioner. Following on from your consultation, I will take a few days to work on your case using the details from your case analysis to prescribe remedies which are tailor made to suit you, your personality, your temperament, your total symptom picture, treating your individual needs as a whole person, not just single symptoms. These remedies will be forwarded to you as soon as possible following my case analysis with instructions on how to take them.


  • First consultation - £80 (2 hours)
  • Follow-up consultation - £60 (1 hour)